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For Your Security

PepPara (Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc.) keeps track of the most up to date security measures and effective For any complaints regarding problems receiving services please contact the PepPara Customer Services at 0850 450 5040 or

  Access to Your PeP Account
⦁ In order to access your PeP account go to and follow the “Login” link.

⦁ Do not trust links found on other websites and e-mails. Do not use these links to access your account.

⦁ All actions done on PeP are transferred to us using a secure 128 Bit SSL encryption method. You can check if your connection is secure if the website says “https” instead of “http” and the lock icon in your browser application.

⦁ To access your PeP account your predetermined password and SMS password sent to your phone are required.
A different password will be sent with every login. Do not share your single use password and user password with anyone, including PeP personnel. If your mobile password doesn't arrive, after checking your storage space and that you have a mobile service, you can request another password. If you are having problems with your password you can contact the PepPara Customer Services at 0850 450 5040 or
  Password and Personal Data Security
It is important that your personal information and password are safe and kept a secret. Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage that may be incurred from the use of your password by a third person. Secure services can be achieved with the precautions taken by our company and our customers. It is vital that beside the security measures provided by our company that customers are aware of their responsibilities and act accordingly cautious.
  Noteworthy Points
⦁ Pep does not request any information from its customers by e-mail, sms, phone or other methods. If you receive such a e-mail, sms or call please contact the PepPara Customer Services at 0850 450 5040 or

⦁ Do not share you user name, password or other personal data and do not use the links provided in the e-mails you receive.

⦁ Your password shouldn’t be comprised of easy to guess personal information (date of birth, consecutive numbers, etc.)

⦁ Do not share your personal information, password with anyone, do not keep your password written down somewhere, do not show anyone when login in to your PeP account.

⦁ Do not use the same password for more than one place. For example, You e-mail password should not be the same as your PepPara password.

Even though your Pep session will end itself automatically after a certain amount of time, do not leave your computer without pressing the Secure Exit button

⦁ BTry not to access your PeP account in unsecure or questionably secure locations (internet cafes).

⦁ Update your computers operating system (Windows, MacOS, etc.) from its official website to cover possible security flaws.

⦁ It is important for you to install antivirus programs and security software on your computer and to keep these programs updated.

⦁ Do not install software that is unlicensed or from an unknown source.

⦁ Do not download files or programs from unsafe websites.

⦁ It is mandatory that you change your password at certain periods. However, you can also change your password whenever you want as well.

⦁ Inspect your account activities. In the event that you find a transaction that you believe is not your own, contact the Pep Customer Services at 0850 450 5040 or at immediately.

⦁ Do not rely on individuals claiming to be Prosecutors, Judges, Police, etc. and contact the closest police unit as soon as possible.

• If your Peppara Card has been stolen or lost, you can immediately cancel it from the My Cards tab in your PepPara account, or cancel it by calling PepPara Customer Service at +90 850 450 5040.

• Your Peppara Card information is private to you, please do not share your card information and password/pin with other people, including Peppara employees.

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