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Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc.

Pep is a trademark brand of Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. is an authorised Electronic Money Company that has been licensed by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) on 17/07/2017.

  How can I become a user?
In order to become a PeP user, all you have to do is fill out the application form found on or the PeP Mobile application. TRID, Name, Surname, Date of Birth are required when signing up for the basic identification verification of electronic money users as required by Masak declarations. The accuracy of this information is checked using the KPS (Identity Sharing System). Cell phone verification must be done during application, applications with unverified cell phones will be rejected.
  Are my savings safe?
Your savings are 100% safe. All of your assets are under assurance by the T.R. Central Bank and in secure accounts found in banks. You can secure access using personalised single use passwords (SMS OTP) to log on to the mobile application and internet branch.
  What does PeP provide?
Pep can be used to obtain discounted services from partner businesses using your electronic balance, conduct money transfers using our mobile application, purchase discounted fuel and pay bills.
  Can I open a savings account with PeP?
Pursuant to law number 6493, Electronic Money establishments are not permitted to process savings accounts.
  How can I update my PeP balance? ?
You can update your balance by sending money to one of our accounts in our partner banks with EFT/Money Transfer (PeP user name, surname and account number must be included in the explanations – For example “Mark Mirage" 00000001-0100) or by using your Debit/Credit cards in our mobile application.
  I forgot my PeP password, what should I do?
You can renew your password by phoning our call centre at 0850 450 5040 or by using the Forgot Password? Link on our website.
  Money Transfer
You can send money to any PeP account or IBAN numbers at partner banks or pay bills 24/7 using the PepPara internet branch or PeP Mobile application.
By using your PeP account, bill payments to contracted establishments and credit card payments can be done. You can also save the transaction and repeat the same process when you want to pay your bills again.
  Transaction Fees

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